Coast Guard Participates in Maritime Industries Academy Career Day

BALTIMORE – Five members from Coast Guard Sector Baltimore participated in a newly implemented career day at the Maritime Industries Academy in Baltimore, Thursday.

The graduating seniors were given the opportunity to participate in a mock-interview process with members of the Baltimore Port Alliance and the Coast Guard.

The graduating seniors presented their respective resumes to the interviewer and were subsequently given mentoring, coaching and interview tactics by the members of Sector Baltimore. The Coast Guard members facilitated 40 mock interviews with seniors who will graduate this summer.

The students were critiqued to ensure a quality application process for future employers and colleges.

The academy has more than 250 students and is one of the only Baltimore schools with a Navy JROTC program. The school seeks to prepare students to fulfill roles in the maritime industry.

“The sole purpose in doing this is to prepare high school students to integrate into a highly competitive job market or educational system,” said Lt. j.g. Max Murray, the Partnerships in Education coordinator at Coast Guard Sector Baltimore. “We’re here to give them insight into the intricacies of finding a job versus finding a career.”

Sector Baltimore’s Partnerships in Education and the Human Relation Council sponsored the volunteer event.

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