Coast Guard, Navy offload more than 3 tons of narcotics

Southeastern Coast Guard News 
MAYPORT, Fla. – The guided missile frigate USS Carr (FFG 52) and its embarked San Diego-based Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Team Pacific offloaded 3,060 pounds of cocaine and 3,676 pounds of marijuana at Naval Station Mayport, Fla., Nov. 30, 2012.

During the deployment, the Coast Guard law enforcement detachment and the Carr participated in multiple interdictions that kept 6 million doses of cocaine, each the size of a sugar packet, and more than 3 million marijuana cigarettes off the streets of the United States.

The LEDET and the Carr were conducting counter transnational organized crime and counter drug operations throughout the Caribbean Sea and Eastern Pacific littoral areas off the coast of Central America in support of Operation Martillo.

Operation Martillo – Spanish for Hammer – is an interagency mission that began in January 2012 to combat the spread of organized crime in Central America and the use of the Central American waterways and southern approaches to Mexico and the U.S. as routes to smuggle illicit drugs, weapons and cash.

During fiscal year 2012, Pacific Tactical Law Enforcement Teams kept 18,267.3 kilos of narcotics off U.S. streets and detained 47 suspected smugglers.

LEDETs are an armed deployable specialized force under the U.S. Coast Guard’s Deployable Operations Group. They were created to support narcotics interdiction operations aboard U.S. Navy and allied warships and are capable of supporting Department of Defense national defense operations. LEDETs provide specialized law enforcement capability and maritime security capabilities to enforce U.S. laws across a full spectrum of maritime response situations, maritime security augmentation and maritime interdiction anti-piracy operations.

The Joint Interagency Task Force, South, a component of the U.S. Southern Command, is responsible for the overall coordination of the counter-drug mission in the Caribbean and East Pacific U.S. Maritime law enforcement and the interdiction phase of operations in the region occurs under the tactical control of the 7th Coast Guard District, based in Miami, or by law enforcement agencies of partner nations in the region.

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