Coast Guard Monitors Vessel Cleanup

JOHN’S PASS, Fla. – The Coast Guard is continuing to monitor the cleanup efforts of the Rodac, a 33-foot commercial shrimping vessel homeported in Reddington Beach, Fla., that sunk Friday at the entrance to John’s Pass, Fla.

The Coast Guard received a call at about 10:15 p.m. Friday from Rodac’s captain reporting the vessel was aground and taking on water with three people aboard at the entrance to John’s Pass. Sea Tow Tampa Bay arrived on scene at about 10:30 p.m. Friday and removed the three uninjured crewmembers but were unable to salvage the vessel. Rodac sunk to its deck plates and is listed to port on a sandbar.

The vessel was reported to have about 200 gallons of diesel fuel onboard, but as of this morning, none of the fuel had released into the surrounding water. However, when the owner began to salvage the vessel this afternoon, small amounts of diesel fuel began leaking from the vessel. Southern Waste Services laid absorbent and hard boom around the vessel to contain the spilled fuel. It is unknown at this time how much fuel spilled from the vessel.

Rodac is now about 15 feet off shore of Madeira Beach and agencies are still determining the best course of action for cleanup.

The reason for the vessel sinking is still under investigation.

The Coast Guard has issued a safety broadcast to mariners informing the boating public of the hazard to navigation in the area.

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