Coast Guard monitors Kalan Railroad Bridge repairs

SEATTLE — The Coast Guard 13th District Waterways Management Branch is monitoring the Union Pacific Railroad (UPPR) Company as they work to repair the Kalan Railroad Bridge after it suffered significant equipment failure Wednesday.

The bridge was reported to the Coast Guard Wednesday afternoon and is now creating a maritime impact to several commercial vessels on the river.

After the bridge became stuck in the down position with no estimated repair time, a broadcast notice to mariners was issued and UPPR has work crews on the bridge to continue repairs.

Located near the confluence of the Snake and Columbia Rivers, the Kalan Railroad Bridge has reportedly impacted six tug and barges and three passenger vessels with approximately 369 persons on board. An additional five tug and barges are expected to be impacted over the next two days.

“We are working with the railroad company to address the maritime traffic and restore the flow of commerce,” said Cmdr. Michele Schallip, Waterways Management Branch Chief, 13th Coast Guard District. “As the bridge repairs are being made, we will continually update the public as we work to limit economic impacts.”

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