Coast Guard Monitors Ice Conditions Near Harsens Island

DETROIT – Coast Guard Sector Detroit continues to monitor the ice conditions within the North Channel in the vicinity of Harsens Island. Icebreaking assets are standing by to assist in breaking out the Harsens Island Ferry. Warmer temperatures and rain are predicted for Thursday, 1 March and Friday, 2 March, which should aid in the further deterioration and movement of the ice currently blocking the entrance to the North Channel. Should the ice conditions and weather turn favorable as predicted in the next few days, all means to free the ferry will be carried out by Coast Guard vessels standing by.

Contingencies are available to assist island residents should medical emergencies arise. Residents should contact their local emergency medical services provider in the event of any medical emergency.

Currently, temporary transportation services to and from the island are available to residents by contacting Champions Ferry at (810) 748-3757. The Coast Guard is prohibited by law from providing non-emergency ferry services to any location.

Coast Guard Sector Detroit is standing by to assist Harsens Island residents in the event larger scale emergency relief is required.

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