Coast Guard Monitors Chemical Release

NEW ORLEANS – The Coast Guard is monitoring the controlled release of Fluosilicic Acid this evening from the Stolthaven Terminal facility into the Mississippi River near Braithwaite, La.

This action is being taken to relieve the build-up of the chemical in a containment area which includes additional tanks that could be compromised.

The tank holding the chemical was reported to have been leaking the product into the containment area since 9 a.m.
An estimated 400,000 gallons could be released.

The Coast Guard plans to review the circumstances that lead to the release after the situation is resolved. This review could lead to enforcement actions by the Coast Guard.

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  1. Christie Daniels says:

    Since it appears that the Coast Guard was aware of this situation before the chemicals were released into the river, why was it allowed to happen? It isn’t acceptable for this company to get away with being so publically vague about the other [unidentified] chemicals that might have “compromised” each other and caused a “catastrophic” event; and shouldn’t they have “neutralizing” agents on hand for just this type of spill? And, since this discharge started out on land, why is the Coast Guard in charge of this investigation and not the EPA? And lastly, why does there seem to be such a lack of national news coverage? The reported dumping of 1/2 million gallons of an acid (that was eating thru concrete, no less) into the Mississippi River should make the headlines somewhere besides just N.O. I am a concerned citizen, and would greatly appreciate a reply with any information you can provide on this topic. Thank you for your time.

  2. cgnews says:

    The original Coast Guard press release included the following statement:
    “For specific details on the controlled release contact David Gray with the Louisiana State Police at (214) 789-2619.” He would probably be the best person to talk to about your concerns.

    As to your question of about the lack of national news coverage, you’ll have to contact the national news networks to find out why they didn’t deem this newsworthy.