Coast Guard Monitors Capsized Landing Craft Salvage

JUNEAU, Alaska – Salvage of the 61ft landing craft Pegasus continued today in Lynn Canal. The vessel, which is still partially afloat, capsized yesterday near Sunshine Cove at approximately 11:30am. Gumption Leasing LLC, the owner of the craft, has assumed responsibility for directing the salvage operation under the close supervision of the Coast Guard and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

After ensuring that the Pegasus’s two-person crew was safe, the Coast Guard focused initially on minimizing the hazard posed by the two 20ft containers of blasting material that had been aboard the barge. The containers spent the night on a beach near Sunshine Cove under guard and were transported to Kensington Mine this morning. The focus now is on preventing the release of the 1200 gallons of diesel fuel still on board the vessel.

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