Coast Guard monitors 20,000 gallon fuel transfer at Port of Anchorage

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Personnel from Coast Guard Sector Anchorage monitored the transfer of 20,000 gallons of aviation jet fuel from the Crowley Barge 450-10 to Tesoro facility at the Port of Anchorage Monday.

The transfer monitor was a spot check conducted in the regular performance of the Coast Guard’s duties to ensure compliance by the petroleum industry with the regulations for transporting and transferring fuel.

Petty Officers Nicholas Chudolij and Colleen Parker, from Sector Anchorage, monitored the transfer to ensure it was done safely and in compliance with the Code of Federal Regulations governing fuel transfers. (33 CFR Parts 154, 155, 156)

Chudolij and Parker worked with Port of Anchorage personnel and Crowley personnel to ensure all necessary documentation was accurate, up to date and all response plans were valid. They inspected the material condition of equipment involved in the transfer and found no deficiencies.

“The Coast Guard does transfer monitors to make sure both the facilities and the vessels are following all the regulations,” said Petty Officer Colleen Parker, facilities division Sector Anchorage. “It is to help minimize any threat of pollution.”

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