Coast Guard Monitoring Grounded Tug and Barge on Hudson River

NEW YORK-The Coast Guard is monitoring a grounded tug and barge about 15 miles south of Albany on the Hudson River today.

The 114-foot tug Tasman Sea was pushing the 320-foot fuel barge DBL 81 north on the river when they ran aground at about 3:50 p.m.

The DBL 81 does not have any fuel on board, although the Tasman Sea is carrying approximately 65,000 gallons of diesel fuel. There are no reports of a breach in either hull, or reports of pollution in the water.

The grounding caused the Tasman Sea’s keel cooler to rupture, which caused the vessel to loose propulsion.

The two vessels are outside of the channel and are not posing a hazard to navigation.

“Though the two vessels hulls have not been breached, the focus now is on keeping them stabilized until a salvage plan can be approved, and they can be safely freed,” said Ensign Maria Rosario, Coast Guard Sector New York command duty officer.

K-Sea Operating Partnership LP, the managing owner, must submit a salvage plan to the Coast Guard for review and approval before lightering operations can begin.

Coast Guard Sector New York has issued safety marine information broadcast via marine band radio channel 16 to alert mariners in the area of the grounding.

Coast Guard Sector New York investigating officers are en route to the scene to begin an investigation.

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