Coast Guard Maritime Force Protection Unit Bangor to conduct exercise

Pacific Northwest Coast Guard NewsSEATTLE — The Coast Guard Maritime Force Protection Unit Bangor, Wash., is scheduled to conduct an exercise on Wednesday, October 17, 2012, from 7 a.m to 4 p.m.

The exercise will be held on the Hood Canal and will include boat tactics, security zone maintenance and weapons capabilities.

During the exercise, Coast Guard personnel will be using blank rounds for live fire. Blank rounds are not projectiles and no one person will have anything shot at them.

Signaling technology is being tested that uses green-colored lasers. These lasers are FDA-approved, and viewing their light will not cause harm to the eyes or body. This technology is intended to get mariners’ attention to warn of potential hazards.

The Coast Guard trains to fulfill its motto of being “Always Ready” for all threats, all hazards, all the time. The goal of the exercise is to maintain and improve qualifications of personnel that are charged with protecting the community, maritime environment and other naval vessels.

There will be a safety zone in effect during the exercise. A Broadcast Notice to Mariner’s will be transmitted before, during and at the completion of the exercise.

The Coast Guard is committed to the safety of maritime environment, marine mammals and ensuring they are protected. Specific marine mammal spotters will be on all Coast Guard vessels during the exercise, and if a marine mammal is spotted the exercise will be stopped.

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