Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Cleveland personnel assess storm damage at Cleveland marinas

Great Lakes Coast Guard NewsCLEVELAND — The Coast Guard is continuing efforts to assist the various marinas in the greater Cleveland area to recover from damages suffered when Superstorm Sandy crossed the Great Lakes region Monday through Wednesday.

Personnel from Marine Safety Unit Cleveland have been conducting damage assessments by landside harbor patrols in order to discern response and recovery actions. MSU Cleveland personnel will continue to catalog all sunken vessels and potential pollution cases. Crews are in the process of finding and contacting the responsible parties and making National Response Center notifications.

MSU personnel have reached out to the Cleveland Port Authority concerning potential use of the newly commissioned debris recovery vessels to assist in debris recovery. The two vessels are located at the Edgewater Marina. The port authority plans to commence debris pick-up and assist with salvage operations once the weather permits. Officials with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources have located and marked all the sunken vessels.

The MSU also requested a survey be conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers of the Rocky River from Emerald Marina to the mouth of the river due to a submerged vehicle and several submerged vessels. ACOE Buffalo personnel started the survey Thursday at 11 a.m.

So far, the MSU Cleveland personnel have located 15 heavily damaged boats at the Edgewater Marina with one posing a serious risk of sinking due to a hole in its hull near the waterline. There are also 15 confirmed sunken vessels at the marina with another 10-15 boats unaccounted for. MSU personnel are currently working to identify and compile boat owner information.

At the Whiskey Island Marina, there are approximately 30 significantly damaged vessels that are being pushed against the south bulkhead of the marina, alongside broken piers and debris. Because of broken piers, many portions of the marina are inaccessible, so the status of some parts of the marina is unknown at this time. Of the six confirmed vessels sunk in this marina, two are power boats and four are sailboats. MSU personnel are currently working to identify and compile boat owner information at this marina as well.

At the Emerald Necklace Marina along Rocky River, vessels made off to the pier are firmly in place, however the pier itself is damaged and poses a risk of breaking free. The owner of the marina has been in contact with multiple salvage and contracting companies and hopes to rectify the issue as soon as weather conditions permit access.

Several other marinas also have confirmed damage to boats and piers, and the Coast Guard continues to monitor those situations as well.

Any citizens who own boats that were moored at these locations, who know of their vessel’s whereabouts and have not yet been contacted by the Coast Guard, should contact the Coast Guard at 216-701-5989. This is especially true if the vessel sank or is threatening to sink or may cause pollution as a result of the recent storms. The Coast Guard is also concerned about vessels that may be blocking navigational routes.

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