Coast Guard, local, state agencies conduct joint strike force operation

1st Coast Guard District News

BOSTON – The Coast Guard participated in a multi-agency strike force operation at Connelly Pier in Boston, Thursday.

The operation helped enhance the safe movement of cargo and to deter and detect contraband moving through the port of Boston.

The joint operation’s goal was to facilitate commerce while ensuring container regulatory compliance, identifying undeclared hazardous materials, maintaining each participating agencies’ regulatory presence, and taking appropriate action upon identification of deficiencies to prevent undue delay to the transportation of goods or commerce in the port.

Participating agencies in the exercise were:

Coast Guard personnel from Marine Safety Detachment Sector Boston

Customs and Border Protection

Massport Police Department

Massport Fire Department

Massachusetts State Police

Boston Fire Department

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

The Office of Inspector General

National Transportation Systems Center

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Federal Rail Administration
CSX Corporation Police.
The operation resulted in 158 containerized cargo inspections, 18 vehicle inspections, and 67 Transportation Worker Identification Credentials checks; resulting in one container detention, 53 vehicle violations, and eight vehicles placed out of service.

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