Coast Guard LEDET Assists Dutch Navy in Record Drug Bust

More details on the 9200 pound cocaine bust off Puerto Rico that we reported yesterday.

An informant tipped of the government that a freighter was travelling from Venuzuela to Europe with a large shipment of drugs. The Netherlands Navy’s HNLMS Van Speijk monitored the Panamanian flagged freighter for two days near Puerto Rico.

“At first daylight, the Van Speijk and her helicopter approached the target ship at high speed and positioned alongside the merchant ship,” a press statement from the Coast Guard said. “A US Coast Guard Law Enforcement Team LEDET especially embarked onboard the Dutch West Indies guard ship to conduct counter-drug operations was transferred to the Panamanian freighter.”

The LEDET spent a day and half going over the ship before they found a suspicious hatch in the engine room revealing an entrance to an area hold the 25kg bales of cocaine were stored.

Naval officers confiscated the drugs and arrested the 12 crewmen aboard the freighter.

Editors Note: BZ to the LEDET for hanging in there for a day and half in order to find the drugs.

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