Coast Guard law enforcement team particpates in joint US/Mexican excercise and rescue

7th Coast Guard District NewsMIAMI – The Miami-based U.S. Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Team (TACLET) South concluded its participation in support 2011 Gulf of Mexico (GOMEX) Quick Draw evolution, June 24, 2011.

GOMEX was designed to test a Coast Guard, Navy and Mexican Navy response time to a security or Maritime Homeland Defense threat.

During the two-week exercise, the TACLET South Law Enforcement Detachment (LEDET), operating from the U.S.S. John L. Hall, conducted Law Enforcement training with the Hall’s crew and the Mexican Navy. The culmination of the exercise was a simulated interception and seizure of a trafficking vessel.

During the exercise, the John L. Hall received a distress call from the crew of the motor vessel Mr. Lucky, who were 50 miles east of Cozumel, Mexico, June 16. A joint Coast Guard/Navy team boarded the Mr. Lucky in rough seas and high winds. They assessed the situation and attempted to fix the damaged steering system and engine.

It was determined that the right equipment and materials to repair the ship were not available, the John L. Hall coordinated with the Mexican navy to be safely towed to Cozumel. Before being relieved on station, sailors from John L. Hall transferred food and water to crew of the Mr. Lucky, who had less than a day’s worth of each remaining.

“This case is a perfect example of the Coast Guard’s value to the American public and all mariners at sea,” said Lt. Scott Carr, External Affairs Officer Deployable Operation Group. “ The Coast Guard ‘s strong partnership with the U.S. Navy and foreign services allows us to globally respond to the dangers at sea, get the job done right and save lives.”

TACLETs and their LEDETs are an armed Deployable Specialized Force under the U.S. Coast Guard’s Deployable Operations Group. They were created to support narcotics interdiction operations aboard U.S. Navy and allied warships and are capable of supporting the Department of Defense national defense operations. LEDETs provide specialized law enforcement capability and maritime security capabilities to enforce U.S. laws across a full spectrum of maritime response situations, maritime security augmentation and maritime interdiction anti-piracy operations.

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