Coast Guard investigating pier allision in Astoria, Oregon

Coast Guard District 13 NewsASTORIA, Ore. — The Coast Guard is investigating an allision in Warrenton, Ore., which occurred Saturday.

The crew of the tug Altair was towing the barge Deneb Saturday when it allided with the breakwater structure near Eben H. Carruthers Memorial Park in Warrenton causing the Deneb to overtake and then strike the Altair.

Coast Guard vessel inspectors and investigators from Marine Safety Unit (MSU) Portland, Ore., inspected the vessel Sunday and took statements from the crew.

“There was very little chance for pollution to reach the river in this case thanks to the double bottoms in the Altair and the relatively light impact of the allision,” said Senior Marine Inspector Paul Thunberg, a civilian vessel inspector from MSU Portland.

An investigation into the cause of the allision is underway.

Both the Altair and the Deneb suffered minor damage, but neither vessel ran aground. Sea trials for the Altair are expected to take place Sunday or Monday to determine the seaworthiness of the vessel before it may continue its journey. Some damage occurred to the wooden breakwater structure at the pier, but the extent of the damage has yet to be determined.

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