Coast Guard Investigating Garbase Washing Up on Beaches

MILWAUKEE (D9 Public Affairs) – The U.S. Coast Guard and local agencies are responding to garbage washing up on Western Lake Michigan beaches, today.

This is the second report of garbage washing up on the Lake Michigan shoreline. A similar incident was reported to the Coast Guard, yesterday, when a ten-mile stretch of shoreline was littered with trash near Manistee, Mich.

City officials closed two public beaches in Manistee, yesterday, but later reopened one to the public. The 1st Street Beach in Manistee remains closed by the Michigan Department of Health.

The Coast Guard is investigating both incidents.

Today’s incident is affecting private beaches in Holland, Mich.; however, there is no information that the two incidents are related.

A Coast Guard HH-65 Dolphin helicopter, from Air Facility Waukegan, Mich., is flying reconnaissance in the area to determine the extent of pollution.

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