Coast Guard hoists 3 from grounded boat near Halter Point

America's Heartland Coast Guard NewsNEW ORLEANS — A Coast Guard aircrew rescued a man and two teenage boys from a grounded 18-foot boat in the vicinity of Halter Point, Sunday.

Watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector New Orleans received a call from the command duty officer for Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Morgan City reporting that Calvin Barrilleaux, his son and another boy were aboard an 18-foot bass boat had ran aground near Halter Point.

Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans launched an MH-65 Dolphin helicopter and crew to the estimated position of the boat and hoisted the man and two boys aboard and transported them to Patterson Airport in Houma.

“Getting these people to safety before it became dark was our primary concern,” said Lt. j.g. Allen Brandt, co-pilot assigned to Air Station New Orleans. “Once the temperatures start to drop your safety becomes an immediate issue.”

The Coast Guard advises boaters to prepare for cold weather as temperatures begin to drop across the Gulf Coast. Hypothermia begins to occur when the body’s core temperature falls below 95 degrees, occurs 25 times faster in cold water than in cold air and may eventually lead to death. How quickly hypothermia sets in depends on many factors including the environment, whether or not a person is wearing protective gear and one’s physical condition.

Boaters are urged to follow these safety rules:

– Wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket and set the example for your passengers or paddling partners;

– Carry a marine-band radio and GPS on board your vessel;

– Plan for the worst; dress as though you are going to get wet and be cold;

– Maintain situational awareness on the water. Be aware of activity around your vessel, including changing weather, and always know your location.

All three reported no injuries or medical concerns.

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