Coast Guard, good Samaritan boater rescue 4 from Saginaw Bay

CLEVELAND — The Coast rescued four people, Sunday evening, from the waters of Saginaw Bay, Michigan.

At about 7 p.m., the Coast Guard responded to a mayday that came over a VHF-FM radio channel 16, the designated international hailing and distress channel, from a good Samaritan boater who came across four people clinging to an overturned boat in Saginaw Bay. A rescue boat crew aboard a 24-foot air boat was already underway from Coast Guard Station Saginaw River, in Essexville, Michigan, and arrived on scene at 7:10 p.m.

When the rescue boat crew arrived on scene, the owner of the boat was aboard the good Samaritan’s boat, and the three remaining people in the water were on top of the overturned boat. All four boaters were given life jackets by the good Samaritan on scene. Once on scene, the Coast Guard rescue crew pulled the three remaining boaters into the rescue boat. As the rescue boat crew vectored in Towboat US to salvage the vessel, the Coast Guard left the scene and transported the rescued passengers to the Coast Guard station. Towboat US salvaged the vessel with the owner on-hand and towed it to the local marina, where it was trailered.

No injuries, medical concerns or pollution were reported from the incident.

“We recommend all boaters wear life jackets at all times while on the water,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Don Hamilton, coxswain of the rescue boat. “The boaters we rescued told us they had life jackets aboard the boat but did not have time to grab them and put them on before they flipped. Although these boaters weren’t wearing life jackets they did the right thing by staying with the boat and climbing mostly out of the water. They were also lucky that another boater helped them out by calling us and lending them lifejackets.”

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