Coast Guard flood rescues reaches 91

FARGO, N.D. — As of March 29, 2009, Coast Guard crews have rescued 93 people since the commencement of flood response operations along the Red River on March 25. Today, Coast Guard air boats crews are conducting welfare checks of residents in areas isolated by the flood waters to confirm they are not in need of assistance. Those who do need help are being evacuated to safe, designated locations. In addition to the 93 people, 14 dogs, 14 cats and various other pets have been rescued.

“In this response, our primary mission is to save and protect the lives of those affected by the flooding,” said Capt. Steve Hudson, commander of Sector Upper Mississippi River. “The Coast Guard will keep personnel and equipment in the area as long as necessary. But this is not a one-agency operation. We are part of a very skilled and highly-motivated team led by the states of North Dakota and Minnesota, including FEMA, the Department of Defense, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and numerous other agencies and volunteers.”

The breakdown of Coast Guard assets is as follows:

5 helicopters on scene with 8 air crews
4 Disaster Response Teams (DART) onscene, 4 on standby
7 Airboats
2 Coast Guard Auxiliary communications trailer
106 Coast Guard personnel

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