Coast Guard Exercises $13.25 Million Contract Option for HC-130J Mission System

ROSSLYN, VA, – Lockheed Martin and the U.S. Coast Guard exercised contract options valued at $13.25 million to install mission systems aboard two additional HC-130J aircraft. Once delivered, these aircraft will complete the Coast Guard’s planned inventory of six missionized HC-130J’s.

The aircraft’s new mission equipment and sensor packages deliver enhanced search, detection and tracking capabilities in maritime search and rescue, law enforcement and homeland security missions.

“The mission equipment makes the Coast Guard’s HC-130J an incredibly versatile aircraft, critical to meeting today’s increased mission requirements,” said Mike Fralen, Deepwater Aviation lead for Lockheed Martin.

The mission-equipped HC-130J aircraft provide increased mission capability with improved fuel efficiency, higher availability and greater range and endurance. The HC-130J aircraft mission system leverages the technology that was developed for the HC-144A (“Ocean Sentry”) Maritime Patrol Aircraft and its mission system pallet. The aircraft modifications include installation of a belly-mounted surface search radar, which provides superior visibility and 360-degree coverage to assist in search and rescue missions. Modifications also include a nose-mounted Electro-Optical/Infra-Red imaging system, a flight deck mission operator station and a mission integrated communication system.

The Lockheed Martin mission system on the HC-130J is integrated into the flight area, which allows for the operators to directly coordinate with the rest of the flight crew when responding to critical missions. And unlike the HC-144A pallet solution, the HC-130J configuration leaves the cargo space fully useable.

Previously delivered HC-130J aircraft have proven their capabilities in the field. In a recent deployment, the aircraft’s mission system enabled Coast Guard operators to identify, track and assist in the interception of suspected vessels, leading to the confiscation of 10 tons of cocaine.

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