Coast Guard Establishes New Law Enforcement and Security Enlisted Rating

WASHINGTON (HQ Public Affairs) – Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Thad Allen announced Monday the approval of the establishment of a new enlisted rating for law enforcement and security as part of the Coast Guard’s continuing transformation to meet America’s maritime challenges.

“The establishment of an enlisted rating involving law enforcement and security duties will enhance our capabilities as America’s maritime guardian,” said Allen. “It further supports the Coast Guard’s modernization goal of making our force structure more responsive to mission execution across all aspects of maritime safety, security and stewardship.”

The law enforcement and security rating, approved by Allen June 6, integrates the port security specialist rating, which is filled by reservists only, with an active-duty counterpart. Fully establishing the new rating is expected to take 24 months. The Coast Guard’s current force structure will be enhanced as the new rate creates a core cadre of subject matter experts in support of unit performance across six of the Coast Guard’s 11 statutory missions. In doing so, the Coast Guard will improve its service to the American public, interagency partners and the maritime industry.

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