Coast Guard establishes Independence Day safety zone on Neuse River in N.C.

NEW BERN, N.C. – The Coast Guard is establishing a temporary safety zone Sunday evening on the waters of the Neuse River near New Bern.

The safety zone will be in place from 6 p.m to 9 p.m. for the safety of mariners on navigable waters during the Fourth of July airshow. Boating traffic is prohibited from crossing, anchoring, or loitering in this section of the waterway while the temporary safety zone is in effect.

In recent years, there have been unfortunate instances of aircraft crashes during performances at air shows. Typical of plane crashes, there is a wide area of scattered debris that damages property and could cause significant injury or death. Due to the need to protect mariners and the public transiting the Neuse River immediately below the air show from hazards, the safety zone will be bound by the following coordinates: 35° 06′ 55.5″N/077° 02′ 5.9″W, thence to 35° 07′ 9.2″N/077° 01′ 32.9″W, thence to 35° 06′ 38.8″N/077° 01′ 16.7″W, thence to 35° 06′ 6.1″N/077° 01′ 23″W, thence to 35° 06′ 2.9″N/077° 01′ 56.6″W, thence to 35° 06′ 40.4″N/077° 01′ 54.7″W.

Mariners seeking permission to transit the area may contact Sector North Carolina at 252-247-4570. Those given permission should exercise extreme caution when transiting the area and maintain the appropriate safe speed in order to minimize wake.

For further information contact Chief Warrant Officer Stephen Lyons at 252-247-4525 or email

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