Coast Guard encourages safe boating practices, vigilance during World Series in San Francisco

Pacific Southwest Coast Guard NewsSAN FRANCISCO – The Coast Guard reminds boaters the importance of safe boating during the World Series games in San Francisco, Wednesday and Thursday.

Boaters who plan to gather in McCovey Cove during the World Series should plan on having the required safety equipment and exercise good judgment while on the water.

A life jacket is required for each person aboard a vessel, sized accordingly and easily accessible. Children younger than 13 years old are required by federal law to wear a life jacket at all times. Boaters are also reminded to equip their vessels with flares and an Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon with 406 MHz capabilities to enable a faster response by the Coast Guard in the event of an emergency.

It is against the law for anyone to operate a vessel on the water under the influence of alcohol. The legal limit while operating a vessel is .08 BAC. Consumption of alcohol by anyone else aboard is discouraged.

Boaters should have an operational marine VHF radio to contact the Coast Guard on channel 16 in the event an emergency. Boaters should not rely on their cell phones as a means of communication. Channel 16 is an emergency channel and is to be used only in urgent situations. Improper transmissions hamper Coast Guard response times. False maydays are punishable under federal law.

All boaters should file a float plan with a friend or family member on land, with an approximate time of return and point of destination. It is recommended that you regularly check in with those who are aware of your plan, especially if it should change.

Everyone is reminded “If you See Something, Say Something.” If you see any suspicious behavior, activities or threats on your way to, during, or after the games report it to local law enforcement.

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