Coast Guard decommissions last Alaskan LORAN station

JUNEAU, Alaska – The Coast Guard decommissioned Long Range Aid to Navigation Station Attu, the last Coast Guard LORAN station in Alaska and home of the westernmost Alaskan Coast Guard unit Thursday.

The Coast Guard began decommissioning its LORAN infrastructure in response to direction from Congress provided in the 2010 budget. LORAN Station Attu ceased transmission of the North Pacific Chain LORAN signal Feb. 8 and the Russian-American Chain LORAN signal ceased Aug. 1.

The LORAN-C station has been operated continually by the Coast Guard personnel since 1961, providing long range radio navigational signals. The tower had been in use since the LORAN-C station was moved from Casco Cove to Massacre Bay in 1960.

LORAN Station Attu was on the very soil where World War II’s Battle of Attu took place May of 1943.

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