Coast Guard Cutter Mustang Crew Takes Second Place in Iditarow Challenge

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Mustang placed second out of 13 teams in the Iditarow Challenge. The team rowed over 190,275 meters during a nine day period. Each team member was allowed to row for half of an hour each day at Resurrection Bodyworks gym in Seward.

The challenge was sponsored by Resurrection Bodyworks gym. This is the second year the challenge has been conducted. It started on the first day of the Iditarod and the over all goal is for the collective team’s distance rowed to beat the Iditarod dog teams to Nome. This year they did, completing the goal in nine days. The total meters rowed for all teams collectively was 1,783,254.1 meters.

The members of Team “Mustang” were Lt. Jim Stoffer, BM3 Greg Royal, MK3 Jason Dernehl and Mr. Craig Williamson, a local Coast Guard Auxiliary member.

Dernehl was the top rower for all teams with a distance of 55,692 meters.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Team

Team “Mustang” placed second out of 13 teams in the Iditarow Challenge 2007 with a total distance of 190,275 meters rowed. The team was made up of Mr. Craig Williamson, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Lt. Jim Stoffer, BM3 Craig Royal and MK3 Jason Dernhel.
Official Coast Guard photo courtesy Coast Guard Cutter Mustang

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