Coast Guard Cutter Mellon Patrols the U.S. Arctic

JUNEAU, Alaska (D17 Public Affairs) – The Coast Guard Cutter Mellon is presently deployed to the Alaskan Frontier conducting the full spectrum of Coast Guard missions. These efforts include ensuring the safety of the fishing fleet working in one of the most dangerous, but resource rich fishing grounds in the world, ensuring foreign fishing vessels do not trespass into the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone, and that U.S. fishermen follow established regulations designed to ensure the Bering Sea, Aleutian Islands, and Gulf of Alaska remain sustainable fisheries long into the future.

Mellon just days ago departed Nome, Alaska following a brief community engagement stop where they were anchored off the city.

“The people of Nome were gracious hosts…” said Captain Eric Chamberlin, Commanding Officer Coast Guard Cutter Mellon, “…now we are off again patrolling the Bering Sea in support of the Seventeenth Coast Guard District, including patrolling through the Bering Strait and North of the Arctic Circle.” While in the U. S. Arctic, the Cutter Mellon will be protecting U. S. interests in the developing region. These interests include developing Arctic Domain Awareness, projecting national sovereignty, and guarding U. S. resource deposits in the region.

“For many of the crew on board Mellon, going into the Arctic is an eye opening experiences and one that very much sets the stage for future Coast Guard operations in the region” said Chamberlin.

“This directing of Mellon to patrol farther to the north and our increased C-130 Hercules aircraft patrols into the region in support of expanding our Arctic Domain Awareness are a precursor to future operations in the Arctic that will be critical to our nation and Alaska.” said Captain Michael Inman, Chief of Response for the Seventeenth Coast Guard District.

The Mellon is a High Endurance Cutter homeported in Seattle, Washington. The cutter Mellon was designed to perform each of the Coast Guard’s missions, which include search and rescue, defense operations, law enforcement, and environmental protection.

Arctic Domain Awareness flights continue from Air Station Kodiak and an Arctic awareness deployment is planned for Barrow from July 27 to Aug 10 in anticipation of the Coast Guard’s increasing role in the Arctic. This Arctic awareness deployment will include efforts to determine existing and future Coast Guard requirements in the Arctic.

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