Coast Guard Cutter Kiska Crew Helps NOAA Transfer Monk Seal

Cutter Kiska transfers Monk Seal

HONOLULU – With the aide of crewmembers from Coast Guard Cutter Kiska, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration brought a Monk Seal from KONA to HILO early this morning. Under the watchful eyes of the NOAA veterinarian, the seven NOAA personnel and the crew of the KISKA transferred the monk seal to Volcano National Park. After the three-hour transit NOAA and KISKA crew released the Monk Seal from the cutter and led it toward shore with KISKA’s small boat. This release will allow for the female Monk Seal to grow to a mature size and have a better chance of survival in the wild.

Photo by LTJG Greg McLamb and CGC Kiska crew.

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