Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton Arctic Patrol – Aug. 22, 2008

US Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton Journal Entry – Aug. 22, 2008 – Dutch Harbor, Alaska

The Coast Guard is extending High Endurance cutter operations from the Bering Sea into the Chukchi Sea, the Beaufort Sea, and the Arctic Ocean. This operation supports the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to extend maritime safety and security to the Arctic region in the face of retreating polar sea ice. The Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton will be the lead cutter in the United States’ push to extend security to U.S. Arctic waters. As part of this historic operation, the Hamilton is providing daily journal entries.

Journal Entry From Capt. Vincent Delaurentis, Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton Commanding Officer:

21 Aug – moored Dutch Harbor, Unalaska for brief stop for fuel, logistics and to repair ship’s evaporator…it is good to be making our own water again!

2017 (Alaska Local Time) – HAMILTON underway from Dutch Harbor with the quest to become the first major multi-mission cutter to conduct a safety and security patrol in the Arctic.

2040 (ALT) – HAM I secured and cradled for sea. Crew observed a fin whale breach off the starboard beam as we cleared the channel…a good sign…4,000 nautical miles to go!

Dutch Harbor, Unalaska

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