Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton Arctic Patrol – Aug. 23, 2008

Journal Entry – Aug. 23, 2008 – Bering Sea, Alaska

The Coast Guard is extending High Endurance cutter operations from the Bering Sea into the Chukchi Sea, the Beaufort Sea, and the Arctic Ocean. This operation supports the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to extend maritime safety and security to the Arctic region in the face of retreating polar sea ice. The Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton will be the lead cutter in the United States’ push to extend security to U.S. Arctic waters. As part of this historic operation, the Hamilton is providing daily journal entries.

Position: Bering Sea, 62-29.1N, 167-18.6W

Weather: Winds: NW 12kts. Temp: 50 F. Sea Temp: 53 F. Seas/Swells: 3 feet.

Bering Sea

Crew Journal:

Written by BM3 Kevin Moore

Today was a typical Saturday at sea on board the HAMILTON. The morning and early afternoon were spent in a Field Day of the ship. After the cleaning was done, Quarters were held on the flight deck. Information was passed in regards to our VIP’s who will be arriving tomorrow morning via the HELO. Our transit north to the Artic has been a very calm one with few swells and relatively calm winds. The weather over the last few days has treated us well. Throughout the patrol we have encountered mostly fog with the occasional rain showers. Since we have been heading north, the sun has come out and the skies have cleared.

The HAMILTON is currently on a course of 009 off the coast of St. Lawrence Island, and heading towards the small town of Nome where we will pick up our VIP’s. All hands are looking forward to the next few weeks and the adventure that awaits us. In the Operations Department, the Navigation BM’s have spent many hours preparing the many charts for this exciting voyage. The charts are ready and the cold weather awaits us.

from Cmdr. Michael Rorstad, Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton Executive Officer:

The crew has done an excellent job preparing for this historic journey, training in their mission areas and preparing for our guests. On 24 August, RADM Brooks, the Commander, Seventeenth Coast Guards District (D17); the D17 Command Master Chief, MKCM Vanderwerf, the D17 Tribal Liaison, Joel Casto (MCPO Ret), and Victor Gronmyr, CDR, Canadian Coast Guard are scheduled to embark HAMILTON. Getting more acclimated to the Arctic temperatures, the crew donned mustang exposure suits to give the ship a much needed fresh water wash down.

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