Coast Guard Cutter Halibut Open for Tours on Friday

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. – The Coast Guard Cutter Halibut will celebrate the Coast Guard’s 217th birthday Friday by offering tours to the public from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at its berthing here.

Coast Guard Day honors the establishment of the Revenue Cutter Service by the Treasury Department on August 4, 1790. On that day, Congress, appointed the Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton, to build a fleet of ten cutters, whose responsibility would be enforcement of the first tariff laws enacted by Congress under the Constitution.

The Coast Guard has been a continuous sea-going service since its inception. The Revenue Cutter Service merged with the Lifesaving Service in 1915 when the Coast Guard as we know it today was created. The Lighthouse Service joined the Coast Guard in 1939, followed in 1946 by the Bureau of Navigation and Steamboat Inspection. In 1967, after 177 years in the Treasury Department, the Coast Guard was transferred to the newly formed Department of Transportation where it was managed until 2003, when it was transferred to the newly established Department of Homeland Security.

The Coast Guard Cutter Halibut is a multi-mission patrol boat that conducts critical Homeland Security Operations, Search and Rescue, and Fisheries and Maritime Law Enforcement. Its normal area of operation is south to Dana Point and north to Morro Bay.

For more information please contact Anthony Turner at 310.908.6950.

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