Coast Guard Cutter Dallas to Deliver Aid to War Torn Georgia

WASHINGTON – The Coast Guard Cutter Dallas and US Navy destroyer USS McFaul will be used to transport humanitarian aid to Georgia according to a CNN report.

The two ships were chosen because prior to the start of the war they had received permission from Turkey to transit into the Black Sea. All war ships from a non-Black Sea nation must receive permission from Turkey before entering the Black Sea.

Both the Dallas and McFaul were previously scheduled to have a series of exercises with several Black Sea nation navies.

Navy officials told CNN that the USS McFaul is headed to the Black Sea from a port in Crete where it was loaded with humanitarian supplies. The cutter Dallas is currently in port in Crete and is scheduled to depart for the Black Sea in a few days.

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  1. Our son is aboard the Dallas. This is one of the reasons he signed up with the Coast guard over other branches of the military. This is in their nature. They are rescues first and defenders second. They are our everyday Heroes. I know without a doubt everyone of the crew members are working hard to prepare to meet the need. They will be a fine example of what Americans are truely about. We feed the world and we defend her. God Bless the USA and our fine men and women in any of our uniforms. They make me proud to be an American and proud to be a Coastie Mom.

  2. Bonnie Rodriguez says:

    To Mary Ann Surles – well said. I too am a Coastie MoM and my son is also on the USCGC Dallas. I am very proud of our sons who will help in his humanitarian relief. I ask everyone who reads this to pray not only for our sons and daughters on the USCGC Dallas but all our troops that are defending our nation.

  3. Noemi Evans says:

    To all Coastie Moms, my son is also on Uscgc Dallas, I am also very proud of our children and what they have taken on. I pray for all their safety and wisdom. I also pray that G-d would keep a circle of angels around them as they venture out to help in Georgia. I aslo pray for everyone in Georgia and that they may find peace and comfort in our Lords hands. My son is handsome and a very good man i am proud of you Michael and I love you son

  4. JoAnne Cunningham says:

    To all the Coastie Moms, Dads and families, I am also very proud of our son who is on the USCGC Dallas, and also proud of him for serving his country. We are a military family, my husband is in the Army, my youngest son is in the Airforce, and I myself served in the Army, so as you can see that our country means a lot to us. God Bless all of our young men and women who are trying to make a difference. We are proud of you. Marcus, we love you.

  5. Ashley Schreiber says:

    My husband is on ths Dallas and I have to say that this is one of my most proud moments. Everyone on the boat should be proud of there work and know that america is behind them. We have everyone in our prayers.

  6. Paul B. Marks says:

    I served on the USCGC Dallas on it’s first deployment to Viet Nam in 1969 and 1970. We were newly commissioned and state-of-the-art. Having gas turbine engines with variable pitch propellers enabled us to reach full speed and stop in the length of the ship. We nicknamed ourselves the “Roadrunner” and had a pennant made and a horn installed. Whenever we met a Navy vessel, we would engage the turbines, pop the pennant, blow the horn and pull away from them like it was standing still. That made a lot of Navy captain’s extremely angry but we loved it. I am glad the Dallas is still being used to support our country and wish all the people on it and the other services our prayers and know that we are behind them 100%.

  7. Irene Doucette says:

    My daughter is on the Dallas and I am very proud of her,Today is her birthday and I would like to wish her a Happy Birthday.I am so proud of her for serving our country.

  8. Michelle Soskin says:

    I am stationed on the DALLAS at this time and have been looking at blogs and comments that people have been writting about our mission. I would like to thank all the mothers and wifes who posted comments supporting us while we are over here. I appreciate you keeping all of us in your prayers. like always we will make every one proud and we will show all the negative people who think we are old and not fit for this that they are completelty wrong and like the old saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” God bless you all. don’t worry to much we are all having fun.

    OS3 Soskin, Michelle

  9. cgnews says:

    Thank you for your comment AND your service. God bless you and stay safe.

  10. Cora Barnhart says:

    My “baby” brother is also on the Dallas. I am concerned about him and the other sons, daughters, husbands, wives, sisters, and brothers on the Cutter. But I am also so proud of this group. May God protect them and use them to help a group of people who desperately need our help. It is so wonderful to see these comments, especially Michelle’s (it makes me feel MUCH better to see that you guys are having fun)

  11. Randy Hagler says:

    We are also very proud of our son Caleb and all who are serving with him on the USCGC Dallas. Everyone we have told about the Dallas realize our Coasties are living the Coast Guard moto “Semper Paratus” not just at home but around the world.
    We are also proud of his older brother Josh who has just started his deployment to Afghanistan with the Army.
    We pray for their safety and success in their missions.
    Love, Mom & Dad

  12. SN Shantwon Astin says:

    I am a Seaman who is currently stationed on the Dallas, I would like to extend my warmest thank you’s to everyone who has left comments. As OS3 said we are having a blast, and we know that trough you guys prayers that we are protected. We don’t want you guys to worry because it makes us worry. We shouldn’t pray and worry, we should know that by his blood we are covered.
    Thank You,
    From A Greatful Seaman

  13. Lisa Soskin says:

    I am a little nervous for my child, but then I went through this when her father was in the Navy. You are all doing a wonderful job and you all have so much to be proud of! No matter what your rate is in the Coast Guard you are all needed and you are all important. Keep up the good work and stay safe! See you Michelle when I see you!

  14. Steve says:

    While humanitarian in nature, this is a risky mission of great importance. The Russians said they feel threatened by this naval show of force. In Poti, the Russians destroyed the Georgian Coast Guard vessels. Hopefully the joint commanders will allow the Coast Guard cutter to be primary and reduce tensions.

    The port will need environmental, navigational aids, and other attention. Fair winds and following seas.

  15. cgnews says:

    Well said Seamn Astin. Our prayers are with you. Stay Safe

  16. Debbie Youngblood says:

    God bless all aboard the USCG Cutter Dallas. I am so proud that my son is part of this humanitarian mission. I have been proud of RYAN since he boarded the Dallas a year and a half ago. He has had experiences most of us don’t have in a lifetime. My thoughts and prayers continue for all members of this great team. LOVE TO ALL, Mom

  17. Stella Blankenship says:

    My son is on board the Dallas. I’m very proud of him and the rest of the crew he is serving with. God speed and
    Semper Pratus. We love you very much. They could not have picked a better crew and ship to represent the United States.

  18. Osei and Saadeka Chandler says:

    Back when our daughter announced that she was joining the US Coast Guard, she declared that part of her reasoning was that te USCG is dedicated to saving lives and protecting the USA coast. Well, we are proud of her and her shipmates as they seek to carry out a mission that will do just that.
    We love you Naeemah Ryan. Stay strong.

  19. Jason Rodriguez says:

    I’m also a sailor on the dallas right now. I am as thankful as my shipmates above for your prayers and support on our mission. Your strength gives us our. I am proud to be a sailor on this ship, I only hope that we do nothing more than make our famlies proud by completing our mission. To my wife and family back home I miss yall so much and hope to see yall soon.

  20. Toni Smedley says:

    My Son Gary is stationed aboard the USCGC Dallas. I am very proud of him and his shipmates. My prayers are with you all. Stay Safe and know your country supports you and appreciates all your dedication.
    We love & miss you Son…..

  21. Svetlana Antonowicz says:

    My son is on Dallas too. God Bless you guys with your mission. We are proud with the US COAST GUARD joining humanitarian forces of support.Please keep safe and come back hoome soon. We love you Oleg.

  22. Tom & Renee Boscarillo says:

    Our son (Andy) has been an ET on the boat for almost a year now after spending more than a year at A-school and C-school. His A-school room mate (Chad Hermann) is also stationed on the Dallas. My wife is currently visiting Charleston and had dinner with Chad’s wife and two young daughters last night at Andy’s house. We area all so proud of everyone who serves and we’re glad to hear that spirits are high. It takes a special person to dedicate himself (or herself) to serve their country and this boat is full of special people. You are loved and missed more than you know. We’ll see you soon after your mission is completed. Take care and stay proud!

  23. Brittany Blankenshihp says:

    My husband is on the Dallas. We got married two weeks before he left. Although his deployment has been hard on our family. I could not be more proud of him. They are all on a grueling schedule at the moment and are exhausted. Pray for them as they help others in need. God Bless all the men and women on the Dallas.

  24. Our son is on the Dallas, and we are so proud of him and his shipmates. Their mission was important from the beginning, and anytime they are at sea there is some risk; but now even more so. We pray for their safe passage and for the success of this very worthy mission. To all of the crew on the Dallas– Stay safe & God Bless!

  25. FN D. Jacob Cummings says:

    my fiance is on this boat. i love her dearly. i love her with all of my heart. i know that she is scared as to what she has to do, and so am i. i fear for her safety. but i am unimaginably proud for what she is doing, and how she is doing it. she may be scared, she may feel fear, but she is still doing her job. i love her. and i miss her so much. my the virgin protect her, and her family.



  27. Kevin Donoghue says:

    I served on the Cutter Dallas for two years. Picked up the ship at Bath Iron Works in Maine. We went through shakedown in Cuba. Had a lot of fun, but worked very hard. Many fond memories. I know how hard the deck dept. is working and I wish you well.


  28. I am proud to have my stepbrother Ryan Youngblood in the CoastGuard delivering aid to these people in need. His Dad (and my new stepdad) Scott served in the Coast Guard and I served in the U.S.M.C. It does my heart good to know that he wants to protect our Country, and help those in need as much as we did. Rock On Ryan I am cheering for you and praying for a safe journey there and back.

    Wallace “Gino” Anderson

  29. Niki Buckalew says:

    I am the proud aunt of one of the sailors on the Dallas. When I first heard they were going to Georgia I was very scared for him but seeing all of these posts and knowing so many people are praying for him helps. My prayers are also with each and every person aboard the Dallas. We hope you get home soon!!

  30. Melissa Baker says:

    God Bless each and every one aboard the Dallas. My son Josh is also currently serving on this mission. It makes me so proud of him and all who are serving with him. God Bless each and everyone of you. What a wonderful feeling to read these comments and know there are many other parents and family members who are feeling the same things at this time. We miss you so much Josh!!! Stay safe and God Speed. I love You

  31. Jason Cruz says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for your hardwork to the engineering department. They are one of the most hardworking people on the Cutter Dallas but rarely get credited. I think we should take the time to thank the hard working men and women of engineering department and all other engineers out there in the Coast Guard.

  32. Raymond Perr says:

    Our daughter is also on the Dallas. Words do not express how proud we are of her and her fellow crew members. Thank you

  33. Leonard Loew says:

    I helped build the Dallas and was on her commissioning crew. I cannot be any prouder of the Dallas. I am proud that I helped build a cutter that forty-one years later is still a strong, active part of the proudest service in the nation. I swell with pride when I read about her brave crew and their strong ship, which will bring them safely home.
    Good luck and God speed.

  34. Monoka Collins says:

    My son Jason Evans is on the Dallas. I am so proud of him. Jason always wanted to travel to distant shores and the Coast Guard has afforded him the opportunity. My son is a long way from St. Louis and he is doing his country proud.
    May God bless and keep all our boys overseas. My He shower them with blessings of protection in a foreign land. So all the way from St. Louis, Missouri…Jason Evans’ Mom says,
    “Go Jason, with yo Bad Self!” I LOVE YOU SON XXXX0000

  35. Keyonna Alexander says:

    My big cousin, Jason Evans, is aboard the Dallas. He is a brave and loyal citizen. I am so proud of him and the other soldiers that have dedicated themselves to serving our country. I pray that God keeps you all. Jason–Lloyd, Justin, Auntie Angie, and the babies miss you. We are so proud of you! Enjoy seeing the world. We Love You

  36. Sherri Smith says:

    My boyfriend Bradley is aboard the Dallas. You make me proud and are in my thoughts constantly. Keep up the great work. Give Youngblood, Scrapy Doo and the rest of the gang my best. Take care of each other. I love you.

  37. Ally says:

    MY BEST FRIEND Keri is ont he dallas!!!
    GO COAST GUARD!!!! ^__^

  38. Marianne says:

    God bless all our beautiful children aboard the Dallas and also worldwide in our military. They are the proud defenders of this wonderful country and the reason we live free and proud. I love you so much Reanna. Stay safe and God’s speed. Love you, Momma.

  39. Noemi Evans says:

    To all of Michael De La Torres friends and shipmates, G-d Bless you and thank you for your words up above. When you see my son, please give him a hug from his mother in San Diego. He will probably be embarrassed, but that is norm for us moms. I also send all of you a big hug for all the wonderful work you do. If we could add pics to this site that would be great. I also ask for prayer for my nephew who is in the ARmy. He is being shipped out to Iraq at the young age of 19. G-d Bless this Country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!