Coast Guard Cutter Confidence returns to homeport after 55-day patrol

Coast Guard Cutter Confidence, home-ported in Port Canaveral, Fla.

Confidence launches a small boat to assist Haiti after Hurricane Tomas

PORT CANAVERAL, Fla. – The crew of the 210-foot, Port Canaveral based Coast Guard Cutter Confidence will return to homeport Sunday at 9 a.m. concluding a 55-day deployment in the northern Caribbean.

The crew of the Cutter Confidence departed Port Canaveral September 20th to conduct a homeland security, law enforcement, and humanitarian aid patrol.

While underway, the crew of the Confidence took part in a two-day search and rescue case in Canal de La Tortue, Haiti, conducted nearly 200 helicopter operations for training and searches for migrants and drug smugglers, and responded to a post-Hurricane Thomas humanitarian assistance mission in Haiti.

Most notably, crewmembers embarked 24 Haitian migrants and saved the lives of 11 Cuban migrants who were found floating on a home-made, wooden boat 25 nautical miles north of eastern Cuba. The migrants were headed into the path of Tropical Storm Paula when they were rescued and immediately provided food, water, blankets and medical care.

The Confidence crew primarily conducts counter-drug and alien migrant interdiction patrols.

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