Coast Guard coordinates response to oil discharge in Kivalina, Alaska

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The Coast Guard and Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation are coordinating a response to a heating oil discharge from the Northwest Arctic Borough School District in Kivalina, Alaska, December 16, 2021.

The school district reported a pipe supplying oil to the school was damaged, causing the oil to seep into the ground. The maximum potential discharged is approximately 1,900 gallons.

It was reported that the source of the spill has been secured. Additionally it has been reported that heat has been restored to the school.

The NWAB School District is working to establish the extent to which the oil has spread to the surrounding area and plans to collect and dispose of contaminated snow.

Response efforts have been slowed due to the amount of snow and ice covering the area. No impacts to human health or wildlife have been reported.

The Coast Guard is working with Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation to oversee the incident and ensure a safe and effective response. Representatives from the two agencies plan to arrive in Kivalina next week to meet with responders and assess the situation.

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