Coast Guard continues to respond to Mississippi River oil spill

NEW ORLEANS – The Coast Guard has released the latest information on Mississippi River oil spill response efforts following the discharge of oil from the barge DM 932 on July 23, 2008:

  • The original Unified Command (UC) team, consisting of representatives from the responsible party, the Louisiana State On Scene Coordinator and the Coast Guard On Scene Coordinator, remains in tact and continues to oversee the ongoing clean up of remaining impacted shoreline.

  • While free floating oil has not been detected for some time, clean up crews are currently working to locate and remove oily debris, including dead branches and willow roots known as shaggy beard. The UC team conducts weekly site visits to monitor progress, ensure personnel safety and determine if a particular area has been adequately cleaned.
  • Nearly 200 miles of potentially impacted shoreline on both banks of the Lower Mississippi River below the Crescent City Connection Bridge were meticulously surveyed and oiled areas of shoreline were identified. At present, 90% of the impacted areas have been deemed by the UC team as being adequately cleaned. The UC team will continue to oversee response efforts until all impacted shoreline areas have been adequately cleaned.

An incident website is being maintained at

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