Coast Guard continues to oversee Arthur Kill oil spill cleanup

Northeast Atlantic Coast Guard NewsNEW YORK — The Coast Guard is continuing to oversee clean up operations at the Motiva facility in Sewaren, N.J.

Product and water is being recovered by vacuum trucks from the secondary containment area and pumped into a separate onsite storage tank. As of 4 p.m. November 2nd, the response organization has collected 273,462 gallons of oily water mixture. This material includes product transferred from one of the damaged tanks that did not spill outside that tank, secondary containment and on water skimming operations.

Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research worked with the response to rescue four oiled birds, and transported the birds to their main facility in Newark, Del., for rehabilitation.

The response has initiated an active area-sampling plan to identify areas impacted as a result of the hurricane.

Responders continue to contain and recover diesel fuel in the containment area around the storage tanks, in Woodbridge Creek, Smith’s Creek and the Motiva Terminal docks on the Arthur Kill Channel. Assessments of the surrounding waterways, creeks and community have been conducted. Contractors are working to remove contained pockets of oil in Smith’s Creek utilizing skimmers, vacuum trucks, absorbent pads, and absorbent boom. Additional cleanup actions are ongoing around the docks. Approximately 14,000 feet of containment boom has been deployed.

Motiva Enterprises is working closely with the responding agencies which include the U.S. Coast Guard, and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Approximately 150 responders are taking part in the cleanup effort.

Continued assessments are being conducted via small boat up and down the Arthur Kill channel to locate any more recoverable oil. The Coast Guard is continuing to conduct over flights in the area to assess the impact of the oil.

Motiva continues to take action in the response and has fully implemented their facility response plan to include a formal incident command system which has been established.

The Coast Guard, along with NOAA, is working together with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and officials from Middlesex County, N.J., to oversee spill containment and cleanup efforts.

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