Coast Guard continues to monitor oil spill off Savannah coast

SAVANNAH, Ga. – The Coast Guard is continuing to monitor an oil spill approximately nine miles offshore of Savannah after a tank ship damaged its double-hulled fuel tank during the deployment of the ship’s anchor Sunday.

The Singapore-based tank ship, Stolt Vision, reportedly sustained a rupture to the starboard fuel tank located beneath the water surface while lowering its anchor at approximately 5:50 p.m. Sunday.

A first light over flight conducted by an Air Station Savannah HH-65 helicopter crew confirmed that the oil sheen has dissipated. Air crews covered approximately 100 square miles.

The chief engineer aboard the Stolt Vision confirmed 97 gallons of oil was unaccounted for at the completion of tank transfer and soundings.

A trajectory report conducted by NOAA at approximately 1:46 a.m. Monday concluded there is no projected shoreline impact.

The Coast Guard is working with the ship’s class surveyor to access the hull damage and develop a salvage plan to verify the ship’s seaworthiness.

There is no hazard to navigation or closure to the Port of Savannah.

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One Comment

  1. Don Mitchel says:

    Dear Sirs, As the Coast Guard address,s ballast water it is imperative to address other issue at the same time, associated with dirty ballast water such as Oil !!!! and the known use of chemicals by sea captains to kill living things. ( as mentioned in reports by Don Mitchell from AP News) The program purposed by the Coast Guard should include surveillance to ensure terrorist, rogue countries, and sea captains do not dump anything they want in any US waters. To not address these issues now, I believe will only be problematic in the future, because they will be detrimental to a quicker more successful completion of their mission to clean ballast water and protect national security. The plan must meet at least the previously passed house legislation H.R.2830 and what ever objections there were in the Senate about states rights in order to be effectively enacted. I believe Senator Boxer would be quite helpful in explaining this.
    Don Mitchel