Coast Guard Continues Searching for Missing Juneau Pilots

JUNEAU, Alaska – The Coast Guard is still searching for two Juneau pilots who have been missing since Saturday evening after family members reported they did not arrive back from Young Lake approximately 20 miles southwest of Juneau at the scheduled time.

Brian Andrews, 56, and Brandon Andrews, 24, both pilots living in Juneau were last seen wearing hip waders and inflatable lifejackets and are both 6-feet tall with blonde hair. Brian Andrews is the Deputy Commissioner for the Alaska Department of Revenue.

The two men were returning from a camping trip at Young Lake and had just dropped off a family member and camping gear at approximately 3:45 p.m., before heading back to Young Lake to pick up more gear. The flight was expected to last no longer than 40 minutes round-trip. The son who had been dropped off earlier in Juneau waited two hours before reporting the overdue aircraft to the Federal Aviation Agency who then reported it to the Coast Guard.

The float plane flown by the Andrews family is a Cessna-182 and is white with red and silver trim. The tail number of the plane is N9350X.

The Coast Guard, Juneau Mountain Rescue, Civil Air Patrol and the Alaska State Troopers are all participating in the search. Areas searched so far include Stephens Passage, Young Bay, Hawk Inlet, Oliver Inlet, Seymour Canal and King Salmon Bay. A total of 500 square miles have been searched.

A rescue helicopter crew from Air Station Sitka searched for approximately one hour Saturday night before low lying fog forced them to suspend the search until Sunday morning, The helicopter crew stayed the night in Juneau and searched another hour this morning before fog disrupted the search again. The Coast Guard Cutter Liberty started searching at 5:30 a.m. Sunday and is continuing to search the area.

The Juneau Mountain Rescue search team is hiking into Young Lake to verify whether the two men ever made it back to their cabin to pick up the remaining gear.

The Civil Air Patrol is using two aircraft and the Alaska State Troopers transported the Juneau Mountain Rescue to Admiralty Cove and are standing by.

Weather conditions in the search area Saturday and Sunday have included temperatures in the low to mid-50’s, 15 mile per hour winds from the southwest and scattered rain with dense low lying fog.

Anyone who has seen or know the whereabouts of Brian and Brandon Andrews are encouraged to contact the Coast Guard at (907) 463-2991.

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