Coast Guard continues search for 2 missing fishermen

America's Heartland Coast Guard News
NEW ORLEANS — Coast Guard crews continue search efforts for two missing crewmembers in the vicinity of Lonesome Bayou, Monday.

Missing are Thanh Ha, owner of the boat, and Anthony Nguyen, crewmember.

The original departure location was Venice; the fishermen were aboard a 23-foot fiberglass workboat with a blue forward cabin, 225 outboard Yamaha engine and a blue 20 gallon tank on the aft.

The boat registration number is LA5756CA and is located on the port and starboard side of the boat.

Coast Guard crews have searched more than a 9,500 square-mile area for more than 176 hours in an effort to locate the two missing fishermen.

Coast Guard resources used in the search effort:

• The 87-foot Coast Guard Cutter Razorbill;

• Two response boatcrews from Coast Guard Stations Grand Isle and Venice;

• An HC-144 Ocean Sentry fixed-wing aircraft crew from Coast Guard Aviation Training Center Mobile, Ala.;

• Two MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crews from Coast Guard Air Station New Orleans.

“We have searched an area the size of roughly the state of Massachusets to locate the two missing fishermen,” said Lt. Joseph Smith, command duty officer of 8th Coast Guard District.

Anyone with information is requested to call the 8th Coast Guard District watchstanders at (504) 589-6225 or via on VHF-FM channel 16.


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  1. RickyTai says:

    Everyday I Keep Praying for My Cousins to Come Home… I Miss Ya!!!!

  2. penny says:

    please return home safety my dear brothers

  3. Kenny tiet says:

    I’m never giving up hope! I have faith that they will come home. I miss my brothers & wish to see them back home safely…

  4. Karyn Nguyen says:

    Thank You Coast Guards and everyone involved for your determination in helping us search for our 2 cousins. Hopefully with this news link, more people are aware and the news will help extend our search.

    Anthony and Thanh, Please come home!!!

  5. SeanNguyen says:

    All of our hearts and prayers are with you two. Please come home safe… We hope for the best! Thanh and Anthony are all I’ve been thinking about..I Love You Both Very Much!!!


  6. Victor nguyen says:

    I’m still hoping and praying for my two cousins to come home. I appreciate everything that coast guards are doing for our family. Thank you guys. Keep praying for them. And please please don’t give up hope.

  7. JoeyTiet says:

    Come home right now FAMILY…! We all miss you so much..!!! WE LOVE Y’ALL SO MUCH. PLEASE COME. GOD PLEASE BRING THEM TWO HOME PLEASE!

  8. Hieu Nguyen says:

    Come home safe to us fam we will keep praying for both you guys. I have faith you’ll make it.

  9. RT says:

    Everyday that passes,
    brings the moment near.
    While inside my heart is breaking,
    and being swallowed by fear.

    I’m afraid to watch you leave,
    afraid to see you go.
    I love you more than anything,
    this i want you to know.

    I’m trying to be strong,
    keep the pain at bay.
    The harder I try, I realize,
    there just isn’t a way.

    I close my eyes and take a breath,
    as the tears begin to fall.
    Once they start, they won’t stop,
    until i get your call.

    I just want you to come home,
    to be back here with me.
    Without you in my life,
    I just couldn’t be.

    The dull ache in my heart,
    makes me lie awake.
    Each second that passes by without you,
    causes my strong facade to break.

    Just please come back,
    please make it home.

  10. Amy says:

    Please come home safety. We MISS u guys:(

  11. mizzashleyfbaby says:

    Dear lord.. Plz guide the coastguards the right paths to search for them and bring them bac k home to us..
    Im really been worried about them…..lastnight was soo cold and I felt the struggle that they are going
    through. Thanh always smiles even when times was hard.. he was a strong and happy- go person.. and Anthony was very determined and always laughing at jokes together…..they were both good guys.. and I love them like they were my family.. I miss u guys plz come back.. each day my heart aches more and more without not knowing the truth…plz god help them. Thanks u coastguards for your time and effort… and plz dont give up on searching for them… I dont know why this is happening to such wonderful people….

  12. Tina Tiet says:

    I am a cousin of Anthony and Thanh. I thank the Coast Guards and all the people who are involved in risking their own lives to rescue and save others. I pray every day that God will work a miracle and they will be found and come home. By some miracle, God will come through like He always does and reunite Anthony and Thanh with their families. I have faith and I have hope no matter what the stakes are, they will come home safely. There is no doubt about it. So again, thank you to everyone who is involved with the search, we appreciate your efforts. Right now, we have to keep praying. They’ll come home. They will.