Coast Guard Continues Operation Salliq Above Arctic Circle

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Coast Guard units continue testing operational capabilities of various assets during Operation Salliq in Barrow, Alaska. The 16-day operation includes two HH-65 Dolphin helicopters, one from Air Station Kodiak and another from Air Station San Francisco and two 25-foot response boats from Station Valdez. Boat and air crews have been in Barrow since July 27 and are expected to end the operation August 11. The overall exercise will determine what Coast Guard requirements and capabilities lie in the Arctic.

Based on priorities outlined in the National Security Council’s interagency review of Arctic policy, it is anticipated that the Coast Guard will have the following expanding Arctic roles and missions in the next five to ten years:

  • Enhance National Security
  • Project U.S. presence
  • Protect sovereignty in Arctic
  • Safeguard our oceans and resources
  • Pollution prevention & response related to increased destinational shipping & offshore energy exploration in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas Living Marine Resource protection
  • Facilitate safe navigation and protect Arctic maritime commerce associated with destinational traffic Waterways management Arctic shipping standards via IMO Enhance Arctic Domain Awareness SAR (eco-tourism and subsistence fishing/hunting) Arctic mariner credential/licensing standards
  • Support expanding year round research in Arctic

Video Breakdown

Part 1 Coast Guard members from around the state of Alaska arrive in Barrow to conduct Arctic operations.

Part 2 Coast Guard personnel forward deployed to Barrow from small boat stations around Alaska conduct small boat operations offshore.

Part 3 Members of Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak conduct rescue swimmer operations offshore of Barrow in support of the Arctic effort.

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