Coast Guard Commissions Project Resident Office in Juneau

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Coast Guard’s Rescue 21 Acquisition Project will officially commission a Project Resident Office (PRO) in Juneau, Alaska, on Monday, August 8, 2007. Rescue 21 is the Coast Guard’s critical command, control and communications acquisition project, offering cutting edge technology to mariners.

A 10:00 a.m. commissioning ceremony will be held on Mayflower Island at the Rescue 21 Project Resident Office. Capt. Mike Christian, Rescue 21 Project Manager, will be the featured speaker at the ceremony.

“The commissioning of an office designed to help field an essential system aimed at improving maritime coverage and response along the rugged and challenging terrain of Alaska’s coastline marks a significant milestone. This system will improve the Coast Guard’s search and rescue capabilities and, thus, the safety of mariners,” said Christian. The advanced Rescue 21 system offers:

  • Reduction of coverage gaps along the coast.
  • Enhanced playback capability improving clarity of calls.
  • Digital archiving of calls.
  • Increased (and simultaneous) channel monitoring capacity.

“The system offers vital technological solutions linking information and operations,” said Cmdr. Joseph S. Calnan, Commanding Officer, Rescue 21 Project Resident Office Alaska. Calnan will oversee the design, construction, deployment and maintenance operations of the project throughout the state.

Rescue 21 is a technically complex $730 million major system acquisition project. For more information visit the Rescue 21 Project website.

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