Coast Guard Helo takes out drone

In late August 2014, Hurricane Marie sent large swell to the Pacific coast of California. Thousands of spectators lined the beach to watch body surfers, boogie boarders and surfers challenge the waves at “the Wedge.” Several quad rotor drones buzzed overhead to record the action. A Coast Guard chopper flies in and hovers around, sending one of the drones into the water with its rotor downdraft.

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  1. Bohemian1966 says:

    If you are operating a drone and a coast guard, police, news, or ANY helicopter comes into your flight area… You immediately descend and land. PERIOD.

  2. Wayne Hendrix says:

    1. It’s NOT A DRONE. It does not drop bombs and kill people from halfway around the world.
    2. IT IS a remote control hobby quad copter. When operated responsibly and safely should never interfere with or hinder a rescue operation.
    3. Any of these idiots should never be ANYWHERE NEAR A RESCUE SCENE with one of them. Any time you go there you get what you get. What they should have done is back them off to the beach and watch from there or land if they are in the way or in danger.
    4. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES, that’s a lot of money to throw away like that and not to mention possibly endangering the crew of the CGH. Just WHAT IF the CGH sucked that thing into the intake of that helo it would come down.
    5. If your going to own and operate one of these do it safely and responsibly or the rest of us that do will lose our right to our hobby. DON’T BE A HOBBY KILLER!