Coast Guard Chooses Software for Foodservice Management

EMERYVILLE, Calif. — Eatec Corporation, a leading provider of enterprise back-office solutions and services for foodservice management, announced today that the United States Coast Guard has selected Eatec’s software solution, EatecNetX, to automate, standardize and simplify its foodservice operations.

EatecNetX will be used for purchasing and receiving, requisitions and transfers, inventory control, cycle planning and nutrition analysis. With EatecNetX, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) will be able to project inventory requirements from cycle menus and post physical counts in their storerooms and will monitor food costs against budget.

EatecNetX was delivered to the USCG with the Armed Forces Recipe Service (AFRS) recipe database, complete with USDA nutritional values. The USCG will also rely on EatecPocket, an optional pocket PC accessory of EatecNetX, to perform inventory transactions.

Initially, EatecNetX will be deployed at six pilot sites with a future final rollout to 120 land-based dining facilities and over 250 Coast Guard ships.


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