Coast Guard, Chautauqua County Fire Department, Seneca Nation of Indians to exercise oil spill response capabilities

BUFFALO — The Coast Guard is scheduled to conduct an oil spill response exercise with the Seneca Nation of Indians and the Chautauqua County Fire Department, Tuesday evening, on Cattaraugus Creek in Irving, N.Y.

The exercise provides an opportunity for cooperating agencies to mobilize response capabilities, exercise tactics, and improve joint coordinated response readiness.

The exercise will include boom deployment along the shoreline of Cattaraugus Creek to test shoreline protection tactics and strategies of environmentally sensitive areas that could be adversely affected by a spill. The exercise will also include discussions on response techniques and best practices to deflect and contain discharged oil from an actual spill in order to minimize environmental impact on Cattaraugus Creek.

During an actual oil spill on the Cattaraugus Creek, response efforts would be coordinated between the Coast Guard, the Seneca Nation of Indians and other local response agencies. This oil spill response exercise provides the opportunity to assess local response plans, identify resource needs and ways to improve response capability.

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