Coast Guard cautions fishermen against bass fishing in the EEZ

Northeast Atlantic Coast Guard News
NEW YORK – A boarding team from Coast Guard Station Fire Island of Long Island, N.Y., issued violations to two recreational fishermen who were fishing in the Exclusive Economic Zone south of Fire Island Inlet, Sunday.

Coast Guard law enforcement crews conduct boardings on a routine basis throughout the Northeast and are currently placing an emphasis on the protection of the Atlantic Striped Bass against commercial and recreational fishing within the EEZ.

An executive order calls for the protection of striped bass fish populations in order to ensure the recreational, economic and environmental benefits of such populations continue. As a result of the executive order, the EEZ remains closed to all striped bass possession or fishing. Atlantic Striped Bass may not be fished for, harvested, retained, or possessed in or from the EEZ.

In addition to protecting the species, the executive order ensures a level playing field within the striped bass fishery.

For more information about Atlantic Striped Bass fishing visit NOAA Fisheries.

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