Coast Guard Captain of the Port updates port conditions in Corpus Christi

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – The Coast Guard captain of the port has begun opening certain waterways within the COTP zone, Wednesday.

As of 1 p.m. the following ports and waterways are open:

Port of Brownsville

Port of Corpus Christi

  • Tug and barge with drafts not exceeding 20-feet currently located in the Port of Corpus Christi Inner Harbor may transit freely within the Inner Harbor.
  • Recreational vessels with drafts not exceeding 8-feet to transit within Corpus Christi Bay for critical post-storm reconstruction. Authorization is restricted for daytime transit only with a maximum speed of 10 knots.

Mariners are advised that although some channel surveys have been conducted, the Coast Guard has not completed channel surveys in all inlets, harbors, and channels to confirm safe transit. Mariners are to proceed with caution as navigational aids may be missing or off station and debris, shoaling, and hazardous substances may be present. All other waterways of the COTP zone remains closed.

Mariners are reminded the Corpus Christi Inner Harbor security zone, 33 CFR 165.809, remains in effect during severe weather. Recreational, commercial fishing and passenger vessels are not permitted to enter the security zone without permission from the COTP. Vessels must have prearranged agreements to enter the Inner Harbor as a safe refuge.

“This is one of many incremental steps to the waterways back to normal,” said Capt. Tony Hahn, captain of the port and incident commander of the unified command in Corpus Christi. “We sincerely appreciate the support and understanding of the Port Corpus Christi Commission, mariners and industry as we ensure we do this right and quickly.”

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