Coast Guard BM3 Bridgitte Milheim Graduates from Army Airborne Jump School

The Coast Guard Compass, the new official blog of the Coast Guard has a great story today. Here’s a snip but go read the whole thing. While your there, subscribe to their RSS feed.

Sometimes you find Coast Guard members in the strangest places! The Guardian of the Week is BM3 Bridgitte Milheim, a 25-year-old from Frenchtown, NJ and this last Wednesday she graduated from Army Airborne Jump School. That’s right, you can find the Coast Guard all over America, the world, and now jumping out of the occasional plane with the Army!

If you look at the Army site for Airborne Jump School it says: At Jump School, you’ll be introduced to your best friend – your parachute. You’ll get to know everything about it. How to wear it, adjust it, use it, the works. You’ll also learn all the techniques needed to accomplish your mission with absolute confidence.

Airborne School is a rare opportunity for a Coast Guardsman no matter what gender you are, and BM3 Milheim is the even more rare female Guardian to go through the school. What an opportunity for a Guardian, and what a great way to show the future generations of Coast Guard women that even the rare opportunities are open to them.

Read the rest at The Coast Guard Compass.

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