Coast Guard assists in search for woman who jumped from Portland bridge

SEATTLE — The Coast Guard, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office River Patrol and the Portland Fire Department searched for a woman who jumped from the Burnside Bridge near downtown Portland, Ore., Saturday.

Coast Guard Sector Portland received a report from local 911 that the woman was seen jumping from the bridge at approximately 2:20 a.m. A 25-foot smallboat crew from Station Portland and an HH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Air Station Astoria, Ore., joined with crews from the river patrol and fire department to search the area for two hours with no sign of the woman.

“The Coast Guard and other local crews who worked on this case searched both sides of the Willamette River extensively in hopes of finding this woman,” said Lt. j.g. Ryan Harry, public affairs officer for Sector Portland.

The search was suspended at 4:20 a.m.

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  1. Florence says:

    She was a dear Friend and will be truly missed by Family and Friends whoreally Loved Her….The skies will always shine of “Ruby Red”

  2. curious reader says:

    Who is this that jumped?? Is it Ruby?? From Sunnyside??

  3. LIL C says:

    what is the latest new on the search ?? have they found her yet??

  4. Nena says:

    yes, it was Ruby Smith from Sunnyside…. any updates? :(

  5. curious says:


  6. Melisa says:

    Have they found her yet? Is anyone even actively looking for her?

  7. Friend says:

    No they are no longer looking for her. The search was called off a week after incident. They are now just waiting for her to rise but does anyone have any information as to what really happened that night.

  8. a family member says:

    This has taken too long and they need to get answers from the ladies that she was with and look closer in to this night..

  9. Gabby says:

    I agree with you family member it’s taken them to long to figure out what really happend that night. I’m not satisfied with all the different stories people have been saying. We need answer and we need then now… Sooner or later the truth will come out and we’ll finally know what really happen that night…

  10. a family member says:

    I think that the Police need to investigate the girls she was with.

  11. GDL says:

    Family members and friends of Ruby. Before you start questioning the girls she was with that night, I would have to say this might have prompted Ruby to do such thing per issues at home that many of you may not know of. There was a phone call made to the kids dad that night before this incident happend. Not sure if any of you were aware of that. But start looking with-in before you start questioning others. The question here is Why did she do such thing. Not what happened that night.

  12. Friend of the Family says:

    Yes we do know about the phone call to her HUSBAND and the fact that they had issue as all married couples do. BUT they were working them out and that is why they were going to have her tubal reversed and have a baby and get remarried! Anything else you think we did not know about??

  13. Friend of Ruby says:

    I agree with GDL…. I just wish they would find her already!

  14. Another Friend of Ruby says:

    I think that if all her friends and family really knew her that well they wouldve known what she was going through. For someone to be capable of doing such a horrible thing to herself and her children. She must have obviously been going through some stuff NOONE Knew about and for people to try to put blame on others is just plain selfish. Trying to make yourself feel better will not bring Ruby back into our lives and it will deninetly not give us the real answer we are all searching for . Which is why? What was she thinking in those last moments before that phone call? What could make a mother leave her children???

  15. A friend of Ruby says:

    Instead of attacking those people that are questioning “the girls” that were with her that night…I won’t. I was one of those girls that spent a fantastic evening on Ruby’s last night here on earth with us. Ruby was loved by all her new friends and enjoyed her presence. She was a sweet girl from the moment I met her and was liked by everyone. None of us, not even her friends that were with her that very same night will ever know what was on her mind that evening. We will never know whether it was intentional or if she accidently fell in. Have you ever considered the pain and suffering we felt that evening knowing we had just left her? We were all in a state of shock and it was so hard to believe what had just occurred because that night we were in the presence of a Ruby that shined very brightly, a Ruby that was happy to be loved and surrounded by her friends that cared for. If any of us had ANY indication that she was contemplating anything to hurt herself, know that all of us there that were with her that night would have NEVER left alone…much less let her get near the waterfront. We all loved Ruby and never in our wildest dreams thought the night was going to end like it did. We all still think about her and have her close to our hearts. I pray for her children, her husband and the rest of her family to find the strength they need to continue on. Unfortunately, Ruby isn’t here to answer all of our questions…so I pray that we all find the peace within ourselves to accept Ruby’s death and remember her as a beautiful soul that will live on forever in the skies above us.