Coast Guard Assists Grounded Vessell

SEATTLE – Coast Guard Group Astoria responded to a 42-foot charter vessel Wednesday inside the Ilwaco Gates near Cape Disappointment, Wash.

Coast Guard Group Astoria received a call from the charter vessel Sea Venture reporting that it had run aground after losing propulsion due to engine failure. A 47-foot Coast Guard motor life boat crew was dispatched from Cape Disappointment to investigate. No additional damage to the vessel was found. A Coast Guard small boat crew from Cape Disappointment was also sent to evacuate all non-essential crew members. The Sea Venture’s captain and first mate stayed on board to wait for the tide to rise.

The Sea Venture was able to re-float with the tide, and the captain and first mate were able to navigate the Sea Venture to Ilwaco under its own power. No fuel or other hazardous material was released into the water.

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