Coast Guard assists 6 on Lake Erie in 3 separate cases

CLEVELAND — The Coast Guard assisted six recreational boaters, in three separate cases, on Lake Erie Tuesday evening.

Just before 4:30 p.m., the watchstander at Coast Guard Station Marblehead, Ohio, received a report of a man and woman aboard a jet ski who had run aground on the rocks at the entrance of the Sandusky Channel in Sandusky, Ohio.

A Station Marblehad boat crew was launched aboard a 45-foot response boat. After arriving on scene, they brought both people aboard the response boat and took the jet ski in tow to the Shelby Street Marina. Both people were wearing their life jackets.

Around the same time, a report came in to the watchstander at Coast Guard Station Cleveland Harbor stating that two girls aboard kayaks were unable to get back to shore due to weather conditions near Rocky River, Ohio.

A boat crew aboard a 25-foot response boat responded. Once on scene, they brought both girls onto the response boat then took them to the Clifton Lagoon Marina near Clifton Beach. Both girls were wearing their life jackets.

Just before 5 p.m., the watchstander at Station Cleveland Harbor was contacted by two men kayaking in the same area who were also unable to get back to shore because of high winds.

A Station Cleveland Harbor boat crew was dispatched aboard a 45-foot response boat. Once on scene and after instructing both men to put on life jackets, the men were brought aboard the 45-foot response boat and taken with their kayaks back to shore. The two men stated that another kayaker was in distress in the same area, but following further investigation, was found to be safely ashore.

The Coast Guard reminds boaters about the importance of wearing a life jacket. Life jackets are extremely hard to put on once you are in the water.

It is also vital to check the weather forecast for your area before heading out for the day, and to continually monitor the weather at all times. Weather in the marine environment can change rapidly and often catches mariners off guard and by surprise, quickly putting them in situations above their skill level.

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