Coast Guard assists 2 kayakers from Detroit River

d9CLEVELAND — The Coast Guard rescued two kayakers from the Detroit River after they were overturned by a wake from a large vessel Saturday.

At about 10 a.m. the kayakers, neither wearing lifejackets, were paddling in the Detroit River when they were over taken by a large vessel, and the vessel’s wake overturned the kayak and caused the kayakers to enter the water. The individuals swam to the seawall in front of Coast Guard Station Belle Isle. One of the individuals self rescued and the the other was pulled out of the water by the officer of the day.

Station Belle Isle personnel notified emergency medical services, which responded and treated the people for symptoms related to hypothermia. EMS released the individuals after treatment.

The Coast Guard reminds boaters of the importance of wearing lifejackets because an emergency situation similar to what the kayakers faced can happen at any time. Had these kayakers not been in the vicinity of Station Belle Isle, this emergency situation could have turned out much worse.

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